Touring and Learning the Oyster Farm

Visiting an Oyster Farm on the Etang de Thau

On the Etang de Thau

our group on a flat skiff driving out on the Etang (pond) de Thau, Mediterranean

Today we visited the Domaine Paul Mas Estate, tasted through multiple wine labels, and ate at the Domaine’s Cote Mas Restaurant. After, we visited the historic center of Pezenas, a town I’d like to return to and just stay in for a week to walk the cobbled streets, wander into the museums and galleries, shop the local artisan craftsmen (master woodworkers, master iron workers, master book binders – it’s pretty incredible. The town supports the development of rare, and antique skills such as these.), and move slowly. In the evening, we visited by boat an oyster farm on the Etang de Thau (an inlet off the Mediterranean) before then eating some of the oysters. A lovely, even if exhausting tour of the Languedoc offerings. Beautiful!

With minimal time off tour this week I’m posting only as I’m able and briefly. See you more next week!

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  1. Are you traveling with the CIVL? If so, please tell Christine Molines I said hello. Sounds like you’ve hit some of my favorite spots. I love it there. Enjoy!

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