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Quick political side note on Chile’s upcoming election


Chile’s Candidates

It turns out Dave Grohl and Lidia Bastianich have joined forces in Chile to run for Senator, and President respectively.

Strangely, they use different names in Chile. Lidia Bastianich sautes as Michelle Bachelet for President, while Dave Grohl croons as Senador Juan Pablo Letelier.

I do wish we could have snapped a photo of their side-by-side political posters while driving to Colchagua Valley. They really showed their both-American selves in those. In the meantimes these snapshots will have to do to prove the point.


Letelier y Bachelet

from L: Michelle Bachelet and Juan Pablo Letelier


Now, a close up of Dave Grohl in both his incarnations:

Dave Grohl

And, Lidia Bastianich in both of hers:

Lidia Bastianich

Good luck to both of them in their campaigns!

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