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Oral History Interview: Elaine Brown


Oregon Wine History Archive

Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon has an Oregon Wine History Archive that gathers recorded interviews with figures important to the region, as well as photos, records, wine labels, and other materials from the history of wine growing in Willamette Valley. In February I was able to tour the archive and it really is inspiring to know they are doing this work.

You can check out their website to see a huge collection of interviews from producers in the region. The website is listed below. They’ve been able to collect older video and audio interview recordings from others that have worked on history projects or book projects on the area. They have also been doing their own recorded interviews.

Here’s the website: https://oregonwinehistoryarchive.org/interviews-alphabetically/

If you search around on their site you can find part of their photo collection and a few other materials as well.

In February they asked to do a video interview with me as I have spent a lot of time studying, tasting, and interviewing producers in the region. The video has just been put online. In it they ask me how I got started in wine, how I approach my work, what advice I have for others wanting to write about wine, and what I think the future of the industry is, among other things.

(I’d had a horrible allergic reaction the night before the interview so you’ll have to forgive the puffy eyes and face on me here.)

Here’s the video.


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