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  1. Melanie
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    I have never had the Shingleback black bubbles, but a bottle with Fox in the name. Funny, because the wine was rather foxy. Tasted like bubbly alcoholic grape juice. The first time I ever even heard about the wine was in a Thanksgiving issue of Gourmet magazine. It was recommended as a perfect turkey wine that would be versatile enough for just about any side. Something about bubbles that stretch a wine’s capacities.

  2. Chuck Hayward
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    Just came across your site and found this post. As a red fizz enthusiast, it’s great to see folks wrestling with one of Australia’s many unique contributions to the world of wine. I recently poured a slew of spurgles (another name for the drink) at Hospice du Rhone. This link will take you to a great post on the wines that were presented.

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