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A wine drawing philosopher with a heart of gold. aka. #firekitten

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  1. Alfonso
    Alfonso at | | Reply

    also know as Metodo Mertinotti

  2. Alfonso
    Alfonso at | | Reply

    that is Metodo Martinotti

  3. Alfonso
    Alfonso at | | Reply

    Yes, Martinotti-Charmat. Although I reckon you wont hear many Italians saying it that way ;^)

    loved the drawing, btw…

  4. The Charmat Method explained brilliantly by @Hawk_WakaWaka | Bele Casel

    […] just had to share this superb illustration by one of our favorite wine bloggers, Hawk Wakawaka, who recently visited […]

  5. silvia - i diari della lambretta
    silvia - i diari della lambretta at | | Reply

    the illustration is lovely, and shows the method clearly. thanks for sharing

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