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  1. katems
    katems at | | Reply

    and this is why i’m not a vegetarian

  2. Tyler Thomas
    Tyler Thomas at | | Reply

    What? No room for Pinot or Old Cabernet? Great chart!

    1. Holly
      Holly at | | Reply

      Remember; there WAS no room at the Inn – the whiskey and bubbles had to be sipped in the stable.

  3. Rebekah
    Rebekah at | | Reply

    THANK YOU!!!! I might now be able to survive the next two months.

  4. Rachel Peak
    Rachel Peak at | | Reply

    I am a pretty wizard princess… Classic!!

    1. Joel
      Joel at | | Reply

      Love it. “Being an ass or IS an ass?” Classic…

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  6. Jeannette
    Jeannette at | | Reply

    I’m 50% whiskey and 50% bubbles. This chart is kickass.

  7. Shae Kinsman
    Shae Kinsman at | | Reply

    Ba ha ha! “Is an ass or being an ass”…gold! Much needed Wednesday morning giggle. Ta!

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