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A wine drawing philosopher with a heart of gold. aka. #firekitten

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  1. Lisa Shara Hall
    Lisa Shara Hall at | | Reply

    Thanks dear friend

  2. Maggie
    Maggie at | | Reply

    What a year! How lucky we are to have all this to be grateful for. Get some rest!

  3. katems
    katems at | | Reply

    what a truly epic year you’ve had. all the places you’ve travelled, people you’ve met, wine you’ve drunk – it’s no wonder you’re tired! i hope you have a a very restful December. love and hugs to you!

  4. Tom Riley
    Tom Riley at | | Reply

    Great posting and beautiful photos. A full year, indeed! Enjoy your much needed break, rejuvenate as much as possible. Here’s to a 2014 filled with every grace and blessing!

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  7. Bill Ward
    Bill Ward at | | Reply

    If anyone deserves to rest for a bit, it’s you. After that, keep up the amazing — and inspirational — work.

  8. Ed Thralls
    Ed Thralls at | | Reply

    You’ve had an amazing year and it’s been a joy to follow along. Hope your 2014 is even more epic.



  9. Jeremy Parzen
    Jeremy Parzen at | | Reply

    Elaine! You are so sweet to include me here! I’m so glad that we’re friends and I love following your adventures through your blog. Our time in Venice was kind of surreal, wasn’t it? We need to get back there together so I can show you “my Venice”… We will, I know…

    I really mean it when I say that your blog is always an inspiration for me and that I feel like you and I are kindred spirits on- and offlilne…

    Also on our list: a glass of Haute-Saône Vin de Pays…

    Sending lots of love from Austin, Texas, from our family to yours… abbraccione J

  10. Tenaya Darlington
    Tenaya Darlington at | | Reply

    This is my first comment on your blog, but I just wanted to tell you I love what you do — your drawings help my synapses make sense of what’s in a bottle. Thank you for pedaling from academia into the food world. I am an English professor (also former poet) who writes about artisan cheese. Feeling out the line breaks in a rind has changed my life. Learning to pair wine is coming slowly — your prose and illustrations help enormously.

    Raising a glass to you,
    Madame Fromage

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