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Jr Makes a Documentary: Burl Patrol, a look at burl poaching in the California Redwoods


Jr Makes a Movie: Go Jr!

This summer Jr, aka. Rachel, had a heck of a summer. It started first with a month on a commercial salmon fishing boat in Bristol Bay, Alaska working with a life long friend of ours. She then joined an OMSI summer camp for two weeks making a documentary in the California Redwoods.

Along with her team of three other high school students, Rachel filmed a documentary on burl poaching in National and State parks. She conducted the primary interview with Ranger Jeff, as well as filming, editing, and planning with her team members for the rest of the film.

Check it out!


Burl Patrol from NW Documentary on Vimeo.

What do you think of the movie? Feel free to let Jr know through comments here.



  1. Rachel, ever since you told me about this I’ve wanted to see it. You guys did a great job. You didn’t tell me they got the guy in the end though!! Excellent to hear, and good job on the project!!

  2. Hi my name is Danny Garcia. You have probably heard of me. Considering you made a video about the burls I cut. There is alot of info in your video you left out I guess thats what happens when you dont hear both sides of the story. The parks tell the public what they want. But they leave out the facts that they have taken all the jobs from locals in the area, & how they have been logging the park for quite some time which is illegal. But they do it anyways. Because they are the federal gov. I can show more proof that they are corrupt & illegally cutting redwood then they could show of me. I was convicted & the tree cut was under sirvalence. But none of there pics show me. As an example, i have pics of a natl. Park ranger smoking marijuana. He is still patrolling & nothing was ever done about it. So you tell me how the local people rate. Fuck the park, & all that work for them.

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